Broomhill Chutneys

Broomhill Tomato Chutney is made in small batches. It is made using a recipe that has been refined over several years and contains a blend of spices that complement the ingredients and adds to the flavour.

Broomhill Tomato Chutney is made using 100% plant-based ingredients with no listed allergens. It is also low in salt.

Broomhill Tomato Chutney pairs well with cheese and cold meats. It is also great in a toasted sandwich, especially ham and cheese.

Homemade Tomato Chutney - Broomhill Chutneys

Why our tomato chutney made it to the shelf?


anyone who tasted it said;

"Well boy, you should be selling this stuff."
All of Waterford...

Secondly it's packed with goodness!


But best of all

It's the perfect match for your sausage blaa!