Broomhill Chutneys

Broomhill Rhubarb Chutney uses locally sourced Rhubarb and is very popular among all those who try it, even those that are not Rhubarb lovers.

Broomhill Rhubarb Chutney is made using 100% plant-based ingredients with no listed allergens. It is also low in salt.

Broomhill Rhubarb Chutney pairs very well with strong cheeses, such as a blue cheese. It is also very good with oily fish and on chicken and turkey burgers. Many people add a spoon of it to the pot when making a curry.

Homemade Rhubarb Chutney - Broomhill Chutneys

Making use of the Rhubarb in the garden!


Not everybody likes rhubarb!

"Until they tried Broomhill Rhubarb Chutney"
Paul Doherty

Secondly it's also packed with goodness!


But best of all

It is the perfect addition to your favourite curry!